what we can do 
We can all help saving marine life by picking up plastic from the beaches and not throwing down your plastic bottles.
 oil spills are responsible for around 12 percent of oil in the sea. 36 percent comes down drains and rivers. as waste and runoff from cities and industries.  The type of plastic that end up in the sea are plastic bags, balloons, glass, bottles, shoes, and packaging. Balloons are found in seals stomachs they are also found in sea turtles stomachs. The reason for this occurence is that sea turtles think that balloons and plastic bags are squid or jelly fish so they eat them.
  People may ask if it is really that bad and it accutually is. The more you litter on beaches the more peices get out into the ocean. You may ask "how do they get into those little peices?". They get into little peices by the sun baking the peices which make them crisp and then the waves move them around like they are in a washing machine. So the plastic breaks up and releases bad chemicals that can overtime kill living things. These little plastic peices may end up in gyres, a spot where a miniy water tornado occures and drags the plastic into groups.
Pick Up That Plastic!
This webpage is about the concern and danger of marine ecosystem.The plastic has been a complete danger and all the animals have had a ruff life and we want to tell people how this is a concern we just want to warn you!